R.I.P James Garner (April 7, 1928-July 19, 2014).

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The Voyage Out of Darkness

The Voyage Out of Darkness

Oh boy, there's a hentai convention in town!

Monterey, California is a fairly short drive up the coast from Big Sur, which was good news. We were in no mood for a long drive. We were in no mood for really anything. We were dirty, hadn’t slept well at all, and were vexed by our inability to enjoy camping. We had bought camping gear specifically for this trip, hoping to enjoy nature and save some money on motel fare in the wash. But the…

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Drought Relief

See all those clouds? Yeah, they're up to something.

So it is at this point that we had decided to dramatically scale back our grandiose scheme to travel all the way up the coast to Seattle. The trip to Los Angeles had taken more out of us than we realized, and we were going to be able to spend so little time in some seriously cool places along the way that we chose San Francisco as our northern-most stop, and then  would head back inland.


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